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Top Ten UI Libraries For Developing React JS Applications

In this Article Let's checkout the best UI libraries for React JS.

#1: Ant Design - A UI Design Language

The most Feature Rich library for developing React JS Applications.,
From the first time i used it, I fell in love with it. Even this website makes use of this Library and so does most of my Internal and open source projects.
This is hands down my favorite UI Library.

#2: Material UI - React Components that Implement Google's Material Design

Implements Google's Material Design and has lots of components.

#3: Grommet - The most advanced UX framework for enterprise applications.

Definitely looks good and has lots of components which will make application development easier, I still prefer Ant Design.

#4: Belle - Configurable React Components with great UX

Doesn't have as many components as the other Libraries, But will be suitable for basic applications.

#5: React MDL - React Components for Material Design Lite

Looks promising and has good set of components., While following the guidelines set by Google's Material Design

#6: Elemental UI - A flexible and beautiful UI framework for React.js

Looks sleek, You will like it if you love Twitter Bootstrap.

#7: React Bootstrap - Bootstrap 3 components built with React

Although its in Active development and their API may change, This is really good option if you love Twitter Bootstrap.

#8: React Foundation - Foundation as React components

If you love Zurb Foundation, You will love this.

#9: Reactstrap - Simple React Bootstrap 4 components

This is far better option for Twitter Bootstrap lovers as this implements the latest version of twitter bootstrap and has almost all the components.

#10: Your Own Library - Why not make your own library?

You can easily use html and css syntax with React JS, Making it lot easier to use any CSS library you can find on the internet.

Meaning you can just as easily write your own Library and components and use them in your applications.

Here's a list of React JS Libraries and Components which you can checkout and use in your applications https://github.com/brillout/awesome-react-components